Dj Vix

Nice Shoes!

Take a look at the fantastic DJ’s that will be playing swinging tunes for you all weekend:

Vix Casey
One of Leeds favourite DJ’s, we like her so much that we find it hard to let her DJ anywhere else. Original star of Lindy Fridays and inspiration to many new DJ’s in Leeds, we are proud to have her set’s on our list!

Alison Jones
Al is a fantastic DJ with a huge range of music to suit any occasion in any scene. Previous head honcho of The Future Sounds of Swing it is a great pleasure to have her set the mood of the dance floor.

Harry Parker

No school like the old school

Balboaguy (aka HarryStotle) Co-founder with Svetlana of Balboanorth, Leeds. He is what Kyle Smith would call a niche DJ – firmly rooted in 30’s/40’s swing but could easily suprise you with blues, contemporary or plain wierd: if he likes it and it would make HIM want to dance he’ll play it. If he doesn’t like it, he wouldn’t play it for a final salary pension. A bit of a Marmite DJ.

Andy Lewis
Harking from Lindy Jazz in Durham Andy’s enthusiasm for music, his extensive and constantly growing jazz, swing, and blues collection music, and his innate musicality and dance knowledge give him an edge as the resident Lindy Jazz DJ.

Mike Callaghan DJ

Mike enjoying his set - by Agne Zubyte

Mike Callaghan
Local rock star turned Lindy dancer keen to try his hand at anything, Mike has become a mainstay DJ in Leeds. Drawing inspiration from the old school DJ’s but not afraid to add his own twist to the set Mike has entertained at the Leeds Swing Exchange, Lindy Fridays and Uptown Shuffle.

James Clark
Newest DJ to enter our circle, discovered at The Hifi DJing the university swing society’s favourite night out “All That Jazz“. James is now a Lindy convert and has been providing his DJing skills at several events such as The Swing Fling.

Helena Avery-Clarke
Quick to embrace all aspects of swing; lindy, bal, blues, following, leading, teaching it’s hardly a surprise Helena has excelled at DJing as well. Ever eager to push the boundaries and experiment with what you can swing to, she is definitely the pioneer of Leeds DJ crew.

Badger 'in the zone' at fsos 2011

Tina Bunck
With six years of dancing experience before arriving in Leeds it seemed unlikely that we could teach her something she didn’t already know. However Tina has spent the last two years going from strength to strength she now DJ’s at Lindy Fridays, Underbeat Blues and set up, runs and DJ’s at Leeds only weekly dedicated social dance: Uptown Shuffle.